United Sorority and Fraternity Council Recruitment

Formal Recruitment

Each culturally based sorority and fraternity brings in new members at various times of the year through a various processes; some conduct rush,  recruitment or intake. Each organization has different requirements for membership, and each conducts the membership process on their own schedule. Some organizations conduct intake each quarter others do so only once a year. Organizations conducting Membership Intake may host a meeting in which criteria for membership is explained.

Interested in meeting our 17 USFC Organizations?? Come to our USFC Showcase!! 

WHEN: September 30th 2018
WHERE: International Center Multi-Purpose Room 
TIME: 6-8pm

Questions? Contact usfcpresident.ucdavis@gmail.com 




A student must have a collegiate GPA of 2.50 or higher, community service experience, and involvement in clubs or community activities. Each organization its own requirements set by their (inter) national organization and UC Davis colony. Please contact the UC Davis chapter that you are interested in to find out their requirements.

USFC Chapters

To learn more about the affiliated USFC chapters and how to contact them, please visit the USFC Council page and then explore the chapters you're interested in.