United Sorority and Fraternity Council Awards Night 2012

Spring 2012 marked the first time the member Chapters of the United Sorority and Fraternity Council gathered to celebrate their achievements during the 2011-12 school year and to recognize their outstanding members.  Keep reading to find out who the winners were!

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United Sorority and Fraternity Council Award Recipients

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Individual Member Highest Cumulative GPA

Awards Descriptions

The Community Service Award recognizes excellence in philanthropic and community service events sponsored by individual chapters. This award was established to acknowledge the chapter with exceptional commitment to their chosen philanthropy and other community service projects.

The Cultural Programming Award recognizes Chapters that provide outstanding programs to keep members informed and aware of cultural issues. Examples of such programs include enlightening the university community about a particular culture(s); showcasing cultural identity, traditions or heritage through a variety of mediums; and cultivating a new level of awareness and respect for various cultures in participants.

The Community Relations Award recognizes excellence in programming with other chapters in the UC Davis Greek community. It was established to acknowledge chapters’ abilities to promote unique programming that allows interaction among other chapters and establishes relationships through programming and/or low-competition activities.

The Chapter of Excellence Award was created to promote overall excellence among USFC Chapters at UC Davis.  Chapters are evaluated on their performance in four main areas: scholarship, new member evaluation and recruitment, community relations and campus involvement, and Greek relations.

The Greek of the Year Award recognizes the USFC man or woman who most exemplifies the USFC Greek ideal.  She or he must show academic excellence as well as a commitment to service and leadership within her or his organization.

The Academic and Education Award recognizes excellence in Academic programming, specifically chapters that provide outstanding programs to keep members informed and aware of scholastic issues. Examples of such programs include academic programming, membership development programs, overall chapter G.P.A., and study education programs.