Sorority and Fraternity Life Intramural Cup


These will be updated towards the end of each quarter. Standings include points for Basic Participation, Place Points, finalists points and any Bonus Points.

Standings 2016–2017:

Chapter Point Totals

  1. Zeta Psi: 5030
  2. Sigma Nu: 2360
  3. Delta Gamma: 1400

Sorority and Fraternity Life Cup Standings - Fall 2016

Sorority and Fraternity Life Cup Standings - Winter 2017


Any teams that win a championship will be recognized below:

Fall 2016

  • Delta Gamma: Women's Open Flag Football
  • Theta Xi Rings: Men's Bronze Flag Football

Winter 2017

  • Sigma Nu: Open Quidditch

Spring 2017

  • TBD:



Participation in the Intramural Sports Sorority and Fraternity Life Cup competition is open to current UC Davis students who are active members of a recognized UC Davis Sorority & Fraternity Life Chapter.


All teams/individuals are responsible for payment of the entry fee(s) and any fine(s) that are assessed. Teams must also be comprised of eligible team members from the same chapter.

League Format

All teams will have 5 scheduled games in the regular season. All teams must meet league requirements to qualify for playoffs.

Online Registration

All teams must register their teams during the online registration period. For more information on the registration process please proceed here. If a sport you want to register for is full please use the waitlist function. By using the waitlist function our staff will be able to open up additional leagues pending available facility space and staffing.

For more information regarding Sorority and Fraternity Life Cup, please refer to the Intramurals Website.

Point Breakdowns

Basic Participation Points
  • Each chapter team will be awarded basic participation points.
  • Teams that play all games (both regular season/pool play and playoff games) to completion will earn 100 points.
  • A team that forfeits a game shall be penalized 50 points for each game forfeited (default will not incur penalty).
  • Default: If a team notifies the Intramural Sports Office 24 business hours in advance of the game that they will not be available for the game, the contest will not be considered a forfeit but will be a default.
Place Points League Standings

If a team places in the top 10 of their league by the end of the regular season/pool play, the following points will be awarded:

  • 1st Place: 300 points
  • 2nd Place: 270 points
  • 3rd Place: 240 points
  • 4th Place: 210 points
  • 5th Place: 180 points
  • 6th Place: 150 points
  • 7th Place: 120 points
  • 8th Place: 90 points
  • 9th Place: 60 points
  • 10th Place: 30 points

The team’s league record will determine the league standings. The rating score will break all ties for teams with identical records. If multiple teams have the same league record and rating score, all teams involved will get the highest place points.


The teams that make it to the championship game will be awarded points.

  • Champion: 1000 points
  • Runner-up: 500 points

*Teams that compete in the Recreational league will only earn half of the points as compared to competing in the Open or Competitive league (ex: participation points will start at 50, standings points will start at 150, finalists points will be 500 and 250)

Bonus Points

Teams may also earn bonus points for the following categories:

  • Become an IM Sports Official: 25 points per official (per quarter). Please refer to Intramurals website for form.
  • Chapter(s) with most sports/activities participated will earn an extra 500 points. This bonus will be awarded at the end of each quarter (note that this is not based on total number of teams entered, as to not disadvantage smaller chapters who may only have enough to field 1 team per sport). Multiple chapters are eligible to earn this bonus.