Sorority and Fraternity Excellence (SAFE) Compact

The Sorority and Fraternity Excellence (SAFE) Compact outlines the requirements for all sororities and fraternities recognized as Registered Student Organizations at UC Davis. It includes information on the definition and administration of fraternal organizations, expansion processes, mandatory Quarterly and annual reporting requirements, and performance standards. Every quarter, the Greek Life Office measures Chapters' performance in four functional areas that are common to all Greek organizations:
  • Academic Achievement
  • Philanthropy & Community Service 
  • Member Education & Risk Management
  • Citizenship & Community Involvement

Listed below are highlights from the most recent SAFE Compact reporting period.  You can find the full report listing SAFE Compact standings for all groups at UC Davis, as well as a downloadable copy of the SAFE Compact itself, at the bottom of the page.

SAFE Compact Highlights -Spring 2014

  • Lambda Sigma Gamma and Alpha Gamma Omega earned the highest Quarterly and cumulative average GPAs, respectively, among all sororities and fraternities at UC Davis. Learn more about sorority and fraternity academic performance at UCD.
  • From Spring 2013 to Spring 2014 sororities and fraternities at UC Davis: 
    • participated in 1500 different community service and philanthropic activities;
    • raised $260,000 for philanthropic organizations and causes; and
    • performed 62,000 person hours of community service. 
  • During Spring 2014 sorority and fraternity members participated in 3000 extracurricular activities including internships, intercollegiate and intramural sports, student government, registered student organizations, and employment, outside of their fraternity and sorority involvement.
  • You can learn more about the performance of all recognized sororities and fraternities at UCD by downloading the most current SAFE Compact and grade reports.

Complete SAFE Compact Standings

SAFE Compact Forms and Instructions