Professional Sorority and Fraternity Council Recruitment

Formal Recruitment

The Professional Sorority and Fraternity Council (PSFC) does not have a structured "formal recruitment" period.

If you are interested in joining a professional or interest-based fraternity or sorority, or have inidvidual chapter recruitment questions, please contact the PSFC Vice President of Communications and Recruitment, at, or contact each chapter directly.

Fall 2018 Recruitment

Interested in a different kind of fraternal experience? An experience that is centered around professional fields such as agriculture, business, health, community service, etc.

Come check out all 11 PSFC chapters at the Fall PSFC Showcase!! 

WHEN: October 3rd 2018


TIME: 11am-1pm 

For more information, please contact 



Informal Recruitment

Outside of the formal recruitment periods, PSFC chapters host informal recruitment events throughout the year.  For more information about PSFC chapters and their individual recruitment events, please visit the chapter pages through the PSFC Council page to contact the chapters directly.


Refer to each chapter's page and contact them regarding individual organization and council requirements.

PSFC Chapters

To learn more about the affiliated PSFC chapters and how to contact them, please visit the PSFC Council page and then explore the chapters you're interested in.