Picnic Day weekend is one of the most celebrated and anticipated times of the year for the sorority and fraternity community at the University of California, Davis.  Each year, our groups contribute to Picnic Day weekend by volunteering at campus events and concessions stands, participating in the parade, and hosting the annual Sorority and Fraternity Post-Picnic Day Clean Up. These contributions demonstrate the dedication of our community to preserving Picnic Day as a positive community event.

In recent years, tremendous progress has been made to move Picnic Day back towards its roots as a fun, safe, and community-oriented event.  We recognize the critical role sororities and fraternities have played in affecting these positive changes and pledge to continue our efforts to promote responsible and moderate behavior on Picnic Day weekend, especially surrounding the use and consumption of alcohol.

Therefore, on Picnic Day weekend 2019 (April 12-14) we reaffirm our commitment to adopt the following practices at any events we host (at official chapter houses, satellite houses, or otherwise) to promote a healthy and safe environment for the benefit of all.

We agree to:

Enforce our policies:

  • Strictly follow our chapter’s risk management policies and all policies outlined by our regional/inter/national organization, our governing council (ASFC, DCPA, IFC, NPHC, PSFC, or USFC), the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life, and our property manager.

  • Not to host ‘Open Parties’ that involve alcohol where there is unrestricted event access by non-members.

  • Not to purchase alcohol with chapter funds or host unregulated bulk quantities (or common sources such as kegs) of alcohol at a chapter organized event.

  • Comply with all legal obligations, including not permitting alcohol consumption by those under 21 or those who are obviously intoxicated.

  • Plan ahead to ensure there is adequate event management by members that are trained and sober, and responsible for maintaining control of our events.

  • If music or live entertainment is provided, ensure compliance with the Davis Noise Ordinance.

Help ensure Picnic Day is fun and safe:

  • Refrain from serving/providing alcohol before noon on Picnic Day.

  • For those that choose to drink, encourage responsible consumption by all members and guests and refrain from activities, such as drinking games, that encourage over consumption and intoxication.

  • Provide activities other than drinking alcohol.

  • Provide food and alcohol-free beverages at events where alcohol is present.

  • Promote the safety of members and guests by encouraging the use of designated drivers or arranging rides with a taxi, ride share service, or sober friends.

Maintain a positive image for our chapter and the Greek community:

  • Refrain from the use of alcohol themed promotional flyers or marketing material that promote Picnic Day as a “drinking” or “partying” event.

  • Represent ourselves, our chapter, and the Greek community in a respectable and positive manner, especially when wearing Greek identifiable clothing.

  • Refrain from public alcohol consumption that could reflect poorly on our chapter and the Greek community (e.g., drinking games on front lawn, walking off property with open container)

  • Have a discussion with our members about the serious health and legal risks involved with alcohol consumption, especially during a weekend like Picnic Day.

Remind our members of the following laws:

  • Social Host Liability Law - anyone who serves or provides alcohol to persons under age 21 can be held criminally liable if an underage person who was provided alcohol is killed or injured, or kills or injures another person.  The law also prohibits any person from serving alcohol to anyone who is obviously intoxicated. As the host, you are responsible for the safety and welfare of all guests.

  • Open Container Ordinance - the City of Davis Open Container Ordinance states that no one can consume or possess an open container of alcohol in public rights of way (streets, sidewalks, bike paths, green belts, alleys and parking lots open to the public) and other city locations (parks, near school properties and some apartment complexes).

  • California SB 967 Affirmative Consent Law - remember that someone who is intoxicated or incapacitated due to alcohol or drugs cannot give consent to engage in sex.