The 101st annual Picnic Day will take place on Saturday, April 18, 2015.  Sororities and fraternities play a significant role in every aspect of the event, including staffing the concessions booths. assisting with departmental open houses, and promoting safe and responsible behavior among all members of the Greek community.  As in past years, the leaders of the Greek community at UC Davis have banded together to create the Sorority and Fraternity Picnic Day Covenant, outlining their expectations of themselves and their organizations on Picnic Day.  

PRESIDENTS: To add your name and your organization to the Greek Picnic Day Covenant, just send us a message with your name, organization, and Chapter. 

Sorority and Fraternity Picnic Day Covenant - 2015

Picnic Day weekend is one of the most celebrated and anticipated times of the year for the sorority and fraternity community at the University of California, Davis.  Each year, our groups contribute to Picnic Day weekend by volunteering at campus events and concessions stands, participating in the parade, and hosting the annual Sorority and Fraternity Post-Picnic Day Clean Up. These contributions demonstrate the dedication of our community to preserving Picnic Day as a positive community event.

In recent years, tremendous progress has been made to move Picnic Day back towards its roots as a fun, safe, and community-oriented event.  We recognize the critical role sororities and fraternities have played in affecting these positive changes and pledge to continue our efforts to promote responsible and moderate behavior on Picnic Day weekend, especially surrounding the use and consumption of alcoholic beverages.  Therefore, on Picnic Day weekend 2015 (April 17-19) we reaffirm our commitment to adopt the following practices at any events we host to promote a healthy and safe environment for the benefit of all.

We agree to:

  • Comply with all legal obligations, including not permitting alcohol consumption by those under 21 or those who are obviously intoxicated.
  • Refrain from serving/providing alcoholic beverages before noon on Picnic Day.
  • Encourage responsible drinking by all members and guests who choose to consume alcoholic beverages and refrain from activities/drinking games that encourage overconsumption and intoxication.
  • Provide food if alcoholic beverages are served and encourage the consumption of these foods.
  • Provide alcohol-free beverages as an alternative.
  • Refrain from the use of alcohol themed promotional flyers or material that promote Picnic Day as a “drinking” or “partying” event.
  • Provide adequate supervision/security of the property and activities occurring on the property by those who are properly trained and sober in order to maintain control of events hosted during Picnic Day weekend.
  • Promote the safety of guests and others by encouraging the use of alternative transportation, including a designated driver or arranging rides with a taxi or sober friends.
  • Encourage the creation of an atmosphere that facilitates positive group social interaction and provides activities other than drinking alcohol. If music or live entertainment is provided, ensure compliance with the Davis Noise Ordinance.
  • Encourage increased awareness of the risks involved with the consumption of alcoholic beverages and its relation to activities and situations that might result in harm, injury or death.


  • Sabrina Dunn, President, Davis Collegiate Panhellenic Association (3/11/2015)
  • Wolfgang Kern, President, Interfraternity Council (3/11/2015)
  • Sarah Tenenbaum, President, Kappa Alpha Theta (3/12/2015)
  • Kelly Boicourt, President, Delta Gamma (3/12/2015)
  • Anna Botello, President, Sigma Omega Nu (3/12/2015)
  • Sara Haig, President, Pi Beta Phi (3/12/2015)
  • Katheryn Winter, President, Phi Delta Epsilon (3/12/2015)
  • Sarah Spring, President, Lambda Sigma Gamma (3/12/2015)
  • Michael Miller, President, Delta Chi (3/13/2015)
  • Roberto Torres, President, Phi Kappa Psi (3/13/2015)
  • Ariel Cohen, President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi (3/13/2015)
  • Alexander Anvari, President, Tau Kappa Epsilon (3/16/2015)
  • Michelle Tin, President, Phi Sigma Pi (3/16/2015)
  • Pavan Patel, President, Kappa Sigma (3/30/2015)
  • Rachel Vogel, President, Kappa Kappa Gamma (3/30/2015) 
  • Belle Chiu, President, Chi Omega (4/1/2015)
  • Nicholas Park, President, Delta Sigma Pi (4/7/2015)
  • Mitchell Tam, President, Delta Lambda Phi (4/9/2015)

PRESIDENTS: Send a message to the Sorority and Fraternity Life Office to add your signature to the Sorority and Fraternity Picnic Day Covenant. Remember to include your organization and Chapter name.