There are 68 sorority and fraternity chapters at UC Davis - each with their own unique focus, culture, and values. Below is the pathway we suggest for you to find the best fit:

1. Explore our Community

  • Explore our website to find out information about Sorority and Fraternity Life here at UC Davis!
  • Follow the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life on Instagram and Twitter at @UCDavisOSFL and LIKE us on Facebook,
  • Sign-up for our Community Newsletter to get updates and opportunities on everything Sorority and Fraternity Life.
  • Visit the Contact Us page to connect with a staff member that can answer any of your questions.
  • Explore and Governing Councils and Chapters below...

2. Explore our Councils

  • Explore our 6 Governing Councils to learn what each community offers and how each of them is unique:
    • ASFC - Asian Sorority and Fraternity Council
    • DCPA - Davis Collegiate Panhellenic Association
    • IFC - Interfraternity Council
    • NPHC - National Pan-Hellenic Council
    • PSFC - Professional Sorority and Fraternity Council
    • USFC - United Sorority and Fraternity Council
  • Learn about each Governing Councils recruitment processes through the left side menu.
  • Contact the President of each Governing Council to learn about their perspective. 

3. Explore our Chapters

  • All 68 of our chapters have their own Chapter Page on our website. Each chapter page can be found under the Governing Council that they are affiliated with (ex. Delta Delta Delta can be found under the DCPA page).
  • Contact the individual chapters to learn how to join and when they recruit.
  • Visit the social media sites of chapters at UC Davis to see what they’re up to day-to-day.  
  • Most of our chapters are affiliated with a larger inter/national/regional organization and we recommend visiting their websites and social media pages to learn more about the organization(s) beyond UC Davis.