In support of the mission and values of Sorority and Fraternity Life, we require all organizations to have member educated on the following four areas: 

  1. Hazing Prevention

  2. Alcohol Risk Reduction

  3. Social Justice Essentials

  4. Sexual Violence Prevention 


Learning Outcomes

Hazing Prevention:

Students will be able to...

  • Define hazing
  • Identify examples of hazing
  • Identify components of organizational and campus policies on Hazing
  • Identify consequences of violating hazing Policy
  • Identify mechanisms for reporting hazing policy violations
  • Identify protections for students who report hazing from retaliation

Alcohol Risk Reduction:

Student will be able to...

  • Be familiar with campus resources around alcohol, including safe transportation ( + know how to talk to/refer a concerning friend)
  • Understand the factors that affect Blood Alcohol Concentration
  • Define a standard drink
  • Define tolerance
  • Understand the basic physiology of alcohol in the body (hang-overs, black-outs, water and food in the stomach, how long alcohol takes to leave your system etc.)
  • Name the 4 signs of alcohol poisoning
  • Understand the dangers of mixing alcohol with other substances
  • Understand alcohol related laws in Davis
  • Know top student strategies to drink safely and reduce risk
  • Be able to list strategies to host a responsible party and look out for guests

Social Justice Essentials:

Students will be able to...

  • Participants will have a foundational understanding of the following concepts: Social power, privilege, oppression, agent/target
  • Participants will be able to reflect on their own identities including areas of privilege and power
  • Participants will have a foundational understanding of Allyship
  • Participants will be able to actively engage in creating an inclusive organization/campus community.
  • Participants will have awareness of resources on campus
  • Participants will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of differences

Sexual Violence Prevention:

Students will be able to....

  • Increase knowledge of more advanced topics as they relate to sexual violence, including rape culture, the sexual violence continuum, power and control wheel, healthy relationships and communication.
  • Increase knowledge of the prevalence and patterns associated with sexual violence within the Greek community.
  • Increase knowledge of how social norms and gender role construction are tied to sexual violence.
  • Increase knowledge of trauma-informed response to sexual violence, and what cultural barriers may be involved in seeking help.
  • Increase skills to intervene in sexual violence situations, while exploring Greek community specific challenges.
  • Understand the University’s collaborative response, and resources specific to the UC Davis Sorority and Fraternity Life community.
  • Understand the difference between a confidential resource, responsible employee, Campus Security Authority (CSA), and a mandated reporter.