PSFC -Professional Sorority and Fraternity Council


Position Title
Professional Sorority & Fraternity Council (PSFC)

Bhavana Pabbisetti, PSFC President
Dr. Kristin Dees, PSFC Advisor


The Professional Sorority and Fraternity Council (PSFC) was founded to foster community, collaboration and a campus presence for fraternal organizations with strong ties to academic programs and community service. The council leadership seeks to bridge the gap between the faculty at UC Davis and the greater sorority and fraternity community while providing opportunities to assist all members in transitioning from being a student to being a full-time working professional or pursuing graduate work.

Executive Board:
Fraternities (coed):

Formal Recruitment

The Professional Sorority and Fraternity Council (PSFC) does not have a structured "formal recruitment" period. If you are interested in joining a professional or interest-based fraternity or sorority, or have individual chapter recruitment questions, please contact the PSFC Vice President of Communications and Recruitment, at, or contact each chapter directly.

Informal Recruitment

Outside of the formal recruitment periods, PSFC chapters host informal recruitment events throughout the year.  For more information about PSFC chapters and their individual recruitment events contact the chapters directly.


Refer to each chapter's page and contact them regarding individual organization and council requirements.