DCPA -Davis Collegiate Panhellenic Association


Position Title
Davis Collegiate Panhellenic Association

Erin Love, DCPA President
Valerie Lamarre-Laurent, DCPA Advisor


Established in 1973, the Davis Collegiate Panhellenic Association (DCPA), or Panhellenic, is the governing body of local sororities that are also members of the National Panhellenic Conference, or NPC. The DCPA currently comprises 9 NPC chapters and 1 associate chapter. DCPA exists to further intellectual achievement and scholarship, promote intersorority relations, and foster education and awareness of its members. The 9 NPC sororities hold a coordinated Recruitment Week in the Fall. Consult the Council's webpage for more information about the individual organizations and especially their coordinated recruitment week.


Executive Board:
  • President: Erin Love

  • Executive Vice-President: Apeksha Kanumilli

  • Vice President of Recruitment: Beth Reinhardt

  • Recruitment Counselor Coordinator & Asst. Recruitment: Courtney Clark

  • Vice President of Education: Lisa McRae

  • Vice President of Finance: Jacquie Costan

  • Vice President of Communications: Michelle Polen



Formal Recruitment

In the fall quarter, The Davis Collegiate Panhellenic Association has Formal Recruitment. Formal Recruitment is a mutual selection process that allows potential members the opportunity to become acquainted with as many sororities as possible so they may make informed decisions concerning membership. During Formal Recruitment, prospective members will meet and talk to members of the chapters in the Panhellenic community. In addition, prospective members will have the opportunity to learn about each sorority, meet tons of new people, and tour the Panhellenic chapter facilities in Davis.

  • Davis Collegiate Panhellenic Formal Recruitment sign ups are open NOW! Learn more about formal Panhellenic Recruitment and sign up HERE! Sign ups will close on 9/26 at 11:55pm. To learn more about the Davis Panhellenic Council follow them on Instagram: @ucdpanhellenic 

    • Optional Recruitment Info Session: September 24th in Giedt 1002 at 6:30pm

    • Mandatory Recruitment Orientation: September 27th at 7pm in California Hall 

    • Round 1 Go Greek Day: September 28th 

    • Round 2 Philanthropy Day: September 29th 

    • Round 3 Sisterhood Evening: October 4th 

    • Round 4 Preference Evening: October 5th ‘

    • Bid Day! October 6th 


Informal Recruitment

In the winter and spring quarters, some chapters will have informal recruitment where chapters hold events on their own. For more information about DCPA chapters and their individual recruitment events, please visit the chapter pages to contact the chapters directly.